The Epigenome Competence Centre: Discover, Collaborate, and Train

The Epigenome Competence Centre is an innovative initiative dedicated to advancing research in epigenomics at the University of Lorraine. Structured around three interdependent pillars, our center strives to catalyze progress in this field by bringing together regional, national, and international experts. Here is an overview of our key objectives:

Project Engine

Our primary mission is to foster collaboration among experts in epigenomics, both locally and internationally. By promoting the emergence of new projects, we aim to enhance the attractiveness and visibility of the “Biology & Health” component at the University of Lorraine.
Our platform serves as a point of convergence for international initiatives, propelling epigenomic research to new heights.

Platform Engine

The Epigenome Competence Centre provides a team of technical and scientific experts.
They offer essential support and guidance in designing and developing projects involving various approaches to studying the epigenome. Our scientific and technical staff comprises recognized leaders in the field, ensuring first-rate expertise for each project.

Training Engine

We firmly believe in the need to train the next generation of epigenomic researchers. With this in mind, the Epigenome Competence Centre organizes internationally focused training events. Our LUE (Lorraine University d’Excellence) Summer School, focused on epigenomics and epigenetics themes, brings together globally renowned experts.
Furthermore, we offer other training formats, such as workshops, seminars, and technical training, to cater to the diverse needs of our scientific community.