DNA Extraction

  • DNA extraction using differents kits depending the project .
  • Quality control and quantity of samples:
  • DNA quantification using Fluorometric methods
  • Quality control using spectroscopy, TapeStation.

Genome-wide methylation analysis by microarray

  • Sodium bisulfite DNA conversion and Verification of bisulfite treatment.
  • Measurement of DNA methylation levels using Infinium HD chemistry (EPIC and Mouse) (Illumina iScan platform).
  • Quality control of raw data using Genome Studio and minfi package.
  • Normalization of methylation data.
  • Epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS).

High-throughput sequencing
(genome and methylation)

  • High-throughput sequencing of the clinical exome
  • Whole-exome high-throughput sequencing
  • High-throughput sequencing of custom gene panels
  • Methylation analysis using RRBS method

High-throughput genotyping by microarray

  • GWAS using Infinium HD chemistry (Illumina) (custom array design)
  • Bioinformatics quality control of raw data using Genome Studio